Angela wears a metallic green tulip skirt by DIYcouture

How to make a tulip skirt

The 'How to make a tulip skirt' instructions are now available as a free e-book, which you can download from our how-to page. The digital pages are beautifully designed with fresh, clean photography and colourful diagrams.

This skirt is shaped to look like the head of a tulip by a number of pleats at the top. It is made with three main pieces of fabric – one at the front and two at the back – and three smaller pieces that form a waistband. These instructions show you how to create a very simple zip fastening with a fly flap at the back of the skirt.

The skirt can be made to finish at the knees for a smart appearance, or to be extremely short to accentuate the appearance of long legs. The number of pleats can be increased to give the hips a dramatic womanly shape, or reduced for a sleeker look. A very deep waistband can be made, so that the skirt sits just below the bust. Alternatively, the waistband can be conservatively narrow. The skirt has a slit at the back.

Please click the image at the bottom right to see a gallery showing different variations of the tulip skirt.

Double page spread from 'How to make a tulip skirt.'

Three versions of the DIY Couture tulip skirt