Angela wears a metallic maroon shrug by DIYcouture

How to make a shrug

The shrug is a loose, short sleeved piece that drapes about the shoulders. It is very simple to make, with two strips of fabric forming the collar-like section, joined to one rectangle of fabric that makes up the main body of the garment.

The shrug can be made with floppy fabric so that it hangs down in folds, or something crispier and stiffer that keeps its shape. It can be made with weighty fabric so that it keeps you warm on summer evenings, or with a light cotton or lace to create an elegant, decorative evening piece. The shrug can be made with different fabrics to create a colour blocking effect. It can be fastened at the front with a single button or loop fastening.

front cover of 'How to make a shrug'




The 'How to make a shrug' instructions will soon be available as an e-book. The digital pages are beautifully designed with fresh, clean photography and colourful diagrams. This is an exciting development as you will be able to zoom right in on diagrams and images to explore detail.

The shrug making process will be illuminated in a short how-to film, also coming in spring 2012.